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I'll have you know

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
8:46 pm - Thievery and lowlife pursuits.
My book has been missing for over a week. I've only just found it this morning, stuffed into one of my numerous pairs of dragon-hide boots. It's hardly surprising I didn't come across it earlier as I've got so many of them, and also because I'm sure someone stole it. I'm too competent to lose my own things, after all, unlike Largebottom.

I understand that the common people would want a piece of my brilliance, but theft is no way to go about it. Actually, even if you asked, I probably wouldn't even deign to look at you either.

You're born to these things, or you're not. There's no other way about it.

current mood: accomplished

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Saturday, March 19th, 2005
10:04 pm - annoyances
Things I dislike about Hogwarts

  1. Extra patrolling duty for Prefects. As if we weren't overworked already. It takes effort to be a model student, not that I'd expect any of you to understand that.
  2. Sixth years have too much homework.
  3. Prefects don't have enough power.
  4. Communal sleeping arrangements.
  5. Pathetic Defense Against The Dark Arts teachers.
  6. Pathetic teachers in general, actually.
  7. Pathetic subjects too. I mean, Care of Magical Creatures?
  8. No security whatsoever. It's not that difficult to get another House's password. I'm appalled - and so is my father, I assure you - that nothing was done about this system after Sirius Black's vicious break-in in our third year.
  9. The fact that it contains Potter.
  10. And Weasley.
  11. And Granger.
  12. And Mudbloods.
  13. And Potter-worshippers.
  14. The fact that there are enough things for me to dislike about it to make such a long list.

The list could be longer, but I have better things to do with my time.

current mood: annoyed

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
2:42 pm - Worse and worse.
As if forcing us to mix with Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors wasn't enough, now we have werewolves, metamorphmagi, and insane aurors as well. Fantastic. Simply fantastic. I shall be writing to my father immediately.

And I'd like to add that all fights in the corridors have nothing to do with me.

current mood: annoyed

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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
11:50 pm - What is this?
Of all the foul, horrid things this school has ever tried to inflict on us, this has to be one of the worst. No wonder no one's claiming responsibility for it.

As long as I'm lowering myself to write in this, I may as well put it to a constructive purpose:

Potter, I know all about that godfather of yours. Pity he didn't manage to stay alive, unlike my father. Oh, that reminds me - not only is your godfather dead, your father is too!

The ineptitude of your family somehow fails entirely to amaze me.

current mood: annoyed

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